Growing up I always admired Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, I mean she’s only the most iconic fashion goddess out there. She’s bad ass and not afraid to tear anyone down who tries to steal her crown….I mean headband. YES, the Blair Waldorf headband look is IN! But remember you must match it with your style vibe and hair color, can’t be caught clashing! I have newly dyed pink hair which some might say is risky but not for me! I’ve always wanted to do it and you know what?! I kill it! Don’t be afraid to self-express with your hair…you will look amazing in whatever it is you want to do, don’t let societies chains or a job or your parents tell you that you can’t wear a certain color or pull off a certain cut..my philosophy..if you can dream it, you can rock it..if you are i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t, you can spend it, on the hair..and if your anything like me spend it on an overpriced anthropology headband that matches almost perfectly with your hair. Don’t you just love my extra-ness?!? If you want to know how to style a headband with your hairstyle and color I attached some runway, models, Instagram girls, and me of course that will give you some glam-dance (I meant guidance see what I did there?!)

Till next time!

Emma gebhardt.

Getting into the crazy mind of..well, me!

I have always been an innovator, I have always had a certain drive…a drive that makes me wild, upset, hardworking, and captivating. I have these dreams, more like daydreams; these consist of me making huge waves, making a small impact circulating and spinning into something HUGE. I know I am meant for greatness. I have not had an easy life. Every little second of the day is a challenge for me. I understand life aint easy, no one on this earth has it easy. Social media, celebrities, ads..there all telling us to be someone or feel something…but we are who we are and we must be ok with that, no one is perfect, but let me tell you this..you ARE worth it.

At a young age I found a passion for the arts. I loved to sing at the age of four, and I haven’t quit since. I wrote my first song at the age of ten, haven’t stopped since! I write music, can pick up any instrument, but couldn’t EVER read music. I make art, drawing is a coping skill for me. Lately i’ve picked up collaging. I love to act, but haven’t done it in a really long time. Performing comes naturally to me, the stage is my home. I feel most happy, safe, comfortable, when I am on stage. Its just….where I belong. ❤

If I could tell you one thing it would be to take care of yourself. My blog is going to be about openly expressing yourself. When you visit my page, I want it to be a safe place to say, feel whatever you want and to let your inner weirdo out lol! But seriously, you need to be sure you are doing what makes you happy, self-soothing, and coping, whether it be using skincare, taking a walk, singing, drawing, writing, posting funny things on instagram…whatever it is do you boo! Keep visiting my page! Will be making posts about health and fitness, travel, beauty secrets, tips and tricks, makeup tutorials, FASHION, and poetry!!

Till next time,

Emma Gebhardt.