Growing up I always admired Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, I mean she’s only the most iconic fashion goddess out there. She’s bad ass and not afraid to tear anyone down who tries to steal her crown….I mean headband. YES, the Blair Waldorf headband look is IN! But remember you must match it with your style vibe and hair color, can’t be caught clashing! I have newly dyed pink hair which some might say is risky but not for me! I’ve always wanted to do it and you know what?! I kill it! Don’t be afraid to self-express with your hair…you will look amazing in whatever it is you want to do, don’t let societies chains or a job or your parents tell you that you can’t wear a certain color or pull off a certain cut..my philosophy..if you can dream it, you can rock it..if you are i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t, you can spend it, on the hair..and if your anything like me spend it on an overpriced anthropology headband that matches almost perfectly with your hair. Don’t you just love my extra-ness?!? If you want to know how to style a headband with your hairstyle and color I attached some runway, models, Instagram girls, and me of course that will give you some glam-dance (I meant guidance see what I did there?!)

Till next time!

Emma gebhardt.

Published by emma gebhardt

Three words ways to describe me: 1. Fashionista who changes her look every 5 seconds 2. Makeup and skincare enthusiast who adores Arbonne and probably will mention their products in every sentence 3. Has big dreams of changing the world by keeping animals and humans from being abused or harmed, becoming a singer or fashion designer, and changing the stigma of mental health <3

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